Introduction Options

Please feel free to cut and paste, mix and match as you deem appropriate!

Option 1: Our Keynote Speaker today is described as “Dynamic, exciting and highly motivational.” These are words audiences use to describe Bernadette Vadurro. Bernadette is professional speaker and a Magna-Cum Laude graduate from the University of Santa Fe.  She has been a world leader and honored throughout the years for her contributions to professional development. Bernadette is the President of Speakers Live, Inc. and today she will be speaking about ___________________________. Please help me welcome: Bernadette Vadurro

Option 2: Ms. Vadurro has presented to organizations such as the Chrysler Corporation, American Express, US West, Farm Credit Services, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Central Intelligence Agency, US Customs, US Geological Survey, US Public Health Service, Society of Hispanic MBA’s and many more. Bernadette has presented in every state in the USA and internationally. She is the author of Influence: Speaking to Win and several other books.  Bernadette has been recognized and honored by several organizations for her leadership and community service. She is one of our nation’s top business presenters providing you with relevant tips, strategies and new ideas:________________________ Please help me welcome: Bernadette Vadurro

Option 3: Bernadette is a Certified Professional Speaker and President of Speakers Live, Inc. She provides customized programs for clients worldwide. Her love and passion (besides her husband and children) are touching people’s lives and helping them to achieve higher levels of competencies. Bernadette is a native New Mexican who lives in a downtown Santa Fe historical home which together with her husband Architect, Robert Vadurro. She is proud of her two grown daughters Christy and Katie and the apple of her eye, granddaughter, Summer. Bernadette will kick off our conference by talking about ________________________. Please help me welcome: Bernadette Vadurro