Room Setup & AV Logistics

Sound quality is an important element in bringing you a stellar presentation, so we ask you to make sure there is a quality P.A. system in the room with a wireless lavaliere microphone. Bernadette can bring her own wireless lavaliere to plug into your system or the house system if requested.

An 8 foot screen for audiences of 50 or less is requested and a 10 foot screen is requested for over 50 participants.

A media cart or power strip and extension cord for the LCD Projector will be needed. Bernadette will bring her laptop computer with slides, video vignettes and can bring her own LCD projector if you won’t have one on-site for audiences up to 200. If over 200 participants please include an auditorium quality LCD and have LCD cabling wired directly to the stage for Bernadette’s laptop. We encourage you to set the room up so the LCD can point to a screen to the SIDE of the stage, so Bernadette can walk across the stage without interfering with the slideshow images.

Stage Set up and Risers:
If you expect more than 100 participants, please provide 2 to 3 foot risers so that everyone can see Bernadette. Steps from the riser should come down the front into the audience so Bernadette may mingle with the audience. No podium will be used unless Bernadette is serving as a Master of Ceremonies in which case, please make sure there is at least a one foot step stool for her to stand on. Though Bernadette projects a big image, she is only 5 feet tall.

Please have a six-foot, draped table and screen at the front of the room for Bernadette’s materials and laptop. A glass of water at room temperature is always appreciated.

Room Set up Preferences:
Bernadette understands you may be constrained by space parameters and that you may not always be able to set up according to her preferences. But if at all possible here are her suggestions:

Seminars with 20-50 Participants – Round Tables with participants seated in a crescent shape facing Bernadette. Please provide 2 flip charts with easels and a variety of colored markers.

Seminars with 50-100 Participants – Classroom seating set chevron style with 4 to 6 participants per table is preferred. Please provide 4 flip charts with easels and a variety of colored markers.

Keynote conferences with over 100 participants; theater style is acceptable. A/V Technician needed for one hour prior for equipment check and during the presentation.

Lighting and Video Taping:
House lights should be set at full strength. Riser lit by wash (or spot) allowing screen to remain dark. Prior authorization to video tape Bernadette is required.