The Med—Tech Savvy Patient

Health care providers from all branches of medicine and specialty are now confronted by an onslaught of tech savvy, knowledgeable patients. While not all patients have reached that level of competence; many have family or friends who are well informed about the medical breakthroughs. With a simple google search; a patient can find a wealth of material on any disease or condition and potential remedies.

The Med-Tech Savvy Patient is using many of the software programs and products available today to assist them in better understanding their bodies. These products can be worn as an accessory or clip-on device or they can be embedded into the body as an implant. These micro wearables are electronic devices created to act a surveillance tool—and record particular body functions. They monitor blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, sugar levels, brain waves and much more.  The software sends a message via a smart phone alerting the patient if it detects a system out of normal range. Then if prompted, by the patient, the software proceeds to connect to the appropriate health care provider and the insurance company to help facilitate treatment. The software creates and maintains a historical log.

Physicians and medical facilities are prepared for patients who want their health care information easily accessible and available to them via a safe and secure cloud.  They want their information to follow them where ever they go.  Virtual care is expected to explode as researchers indicate that 70% of routine doctor visits don’t require face-to-face interaction. Virtual care will become commonplace, with 80 percent of patient interactions relying on in-home medical diagnostic devices—connected to their primary health care provider, the Internet of Things, big data, and drone medication deliveries.

With technology incorporated into our health care system, first to assist with the diagnostic process and then to provide prescriptive relief we will be able to save millions of dollars and many lives.  Studies show that many patients prefer a robot to a human operating on them. The main reason is that worry can be eliminated.  Worry about if the surgeon is impaired due to substance or alcohol abuse or inattention because of an emotional ordeal, a family or staff dispute or other distresses that might affect concentration thus potentially impacting the outcome of the procedure.

Baby Boomers or the “Forever Young” group spent 15 billion dollars in 2015 alone on plastic surgery and regenerative therapies to maintain youthfulness. 

With numerous innovations such as 3D printing, Stem Cell injections, nanotechnology, and the recent discovery of CrispR, an inexpensive genetic editing procedure—we are on the verge of eradicating many major diseases. We may soon not only eliminate but also prevent disease and degeneration of the human body and recent studies show promise of slowing down the aging process. We may soon enter the era of young forever and many of The Savvy Med-Tech Patients will be first in line for these new and innovative procedures.

In this fascinating talk, Bernadette will share numerous global opportunities in products and services.  She will discuss the important changes and challenges occurring in health care delivery and how you can meet the demands of The Savvy Med-Tech Patient.  She will provide prescriptive solutions to assist health care providers navigate the constantly shifting medical and technological scene.