Bernadette Vadurro
Bernadette Vadurro

“Dynamic, exciting and highly motivational” are words audiences use to describe Bernadette Vadurro. Vadurro is one of only 600 Certified Professional Speakers (CSP) in the world. She holds a degree in business management and certifications from UNM and the Harvard School of Public Health. Bernadette has presented for over two and half decades, nationally and internationally to major corporations such as the Chrysler Corporation, American Express, Celanese Corp., and government agencies such as the DOE, CIA and the USPHS as well as many world-wide associations. Bernadette consulted for the largest hospital corporation in the USA and served as a lobbyist for health care organizations.

Bernadette consistently exceeds audience expectations, leaving them inspired, motivated and determined to embrace important changes. She has successfully predicted a number of important events that have helped many organizations prepare for the future.

Vadurro was named a Women of Excellence, nominated by the NM Commission on the Status of Women and is a distinguished recipient of the Ana Maria Arias Award, honored as one of our nation’s top Hispanic Female Business Leaders by Latina Styles Magazine.

Bernadette has been featured on a variety of television and radio programs and has been quoted in newspapers and magazines throughout the U.S. As a professional speaker and award winning author Bernadette’s books include the following:

  • The Robot at the Table
  • Influence—Speaking to Win
  • America’s Conscience: Facing Threats to Democracy, the Middle Class and Our World 2008 National Bronze Winner of the Freedom Fighter Category from Independent Publishers.
  • Co-author of Motivational Leaders and The Service Path.

Bernadette is the President of Speakers Live Inc., and a past president of the New Mexico State Chapter of the National Speakers Association and Past President of Capitol City Toastmasters. She is an ATM-B Toastmaster. Ms. Vadurro is a former Career Track and the National Seminars Group Trainer.