10 Reasons To Book Bernadette

awp-keynote-web1. Bernadette is an Expert Professional Speaker
Bernadette has made her living as a professional speaker since 1990. She has conducted hundreds of presentations for thousands of professionals throughout the USA on a number of business related topics. Bernadette comes across as a well researched, articulate and knowledgeable speaker. Drawing on her experience as an employee, manager, business owner, President and Chairmen of the Board of Directors, Bernadette is able to make critical points and tell stories that every audience member can relate to and integrate into their own personal experiences. These experiences coupled with the most recent studies, research, and data available make for highly informational presentations that are guaranteed to stimulate thinking and action!

2. Bernadette is an Enthusiastic, Energetic and Highly Entertaining Speaker
Bernadette is an enthusiastic, energetic and highly entertaining, presenter who combines high impact content with compelling delivery. She is able to quickly make an intellectual and emotional connection with her audience participants. This connection is essential for the long term retention to the materials Bernadette presents. Frequently throughout Bernadette’s presentations there is much laughter and lots of audible “yeah now I get it!” from the audience. An opening keynote presentation by Bernadette will start your conference, convention or meeting off with a bang and keeps everyone jazzed and excited about the theme. A closing keynote from Bernadette will cement the conference and your participants’ will leave fully committed to embracing new concepts and ideas.

3. Bernadette Makes a Difference
Bernadette is able to take complex ideas, concepts and content and break it into subject matter that is practical, simple, easy to use and remember. Studies from previous programs show audience participants who have attended a presentation by Bernadette have been able to successfully integrate suggestions and strategies from these previous presentations years after the program and that these strategies provided by Bernadette have made a difference in improving their relationships, interactions, productivity, communication and motivation.

4. Bernadette Always Provides Customized Programs
Bernadette is a presenter who can talk your talk and walk your walk. She conducts comprehensive research, engages you with her pre-conference questionnaire and conducts participant interviews all at NO EXTRA COST. After researching your industry for key updates and trends, Bernadette will then provide you with a customized presentation filled with new concepts, ideas, tips and strategies that fit your needs and are specific to your organization or association. Your participants will gain new and improved ideas they can take home and begin using immediately.

5. Bernadette Delivers High Quality Program Results.
In 1998, Christy Ward, Senior Manager at Career Track wrote in a letter of commendation, “Bernadette was rated 9.24 in content rating and 9.75 in trainer rating (out of a 10) and had a 0% refund rate, She was the highest ranking trainer (out of 200) on this topic. She consistently delivers value and integrity.” Since then Bernadette has continued honing her speaking and presenting skills. She presents over 50 programs every year to a diverse group of clients around the country. Inspired by friend and colleague Ed Tate (Toast Masters International World Champion of Speaking 2000), Bernadette rejoined Toastmasters International in 2003 and in a 6 month period won 4 trophies in Toastmasters Speaking Contests.

6. Bernadette is Easy to Work With and Access
Bernadette loves talking with clients and is easy to work with. She jokes that she has always been paid to speak or in one instances NOT to speak. As the oldest of 5 siblings, her younger siblings once made a bet that she would not be able to be quiet during a 12 hour family road trip in the car. Each sibling laid down $5.00 on the bet. At the end of the 12 hour trip Bernadette won the bet and her siblings say it was the longest 12 hour trip they ever endured and were begging her to talk towards the end of the time period. In Bernadette you will find a true professional and a most accommodating presenter. You will have access to all her contact numbers including her personal cell phone; so if there is an emergency or issue and you need to reach Bernadette you will be able to do so quickly.

7. Bernadette Provides Extra Value
With any program, presentation or keynote, Bernadette includes at least a one page master handout for you to reproduce for your participants. The handout includes all of the key points discussed during the presentation. For longer presentations, Bernadette provides clients with a master multi-page handout or workbook for reproduction. Again these masters are provided to you at no extra cost. An overview of the presentation is provided to stimulate participant excitement and enthusiasm about the upcoming program. Bernadette conducts the pre-program questionnaire to tailor the presentation specifically for your audience and there is never any charge for the customization of programs. Bernadette brochure quality downloadable publicity photos (color and black & white) are immediately available for you to download and use in your promotional materials on this website. As are other items you will need. We have designed this website to add extra value and provide easy access, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time waiting for these. Almost everything you need can be found on BernadetteTV.com.

8. Bernadette is Committed to Your Audience Participants
Butcher, Banker, or Candlestick maker, Bernadette’s number one priority is to help improve human performance through a variety of methodologies, including heart warming stories, testimonials, documented and researched studies, exercises, assessments and audience involvement. Her ability to connect with diverse audiences and increase motivational is phenomenal according to written participant evaluations.

9. Bernadette Has Integrity and is Reliable and Dedicated
Because, Bernadette knows the important of a healthy bottom line, she will provide you with suggestions that can save you time and money. For instance in reimbursing Bernadette for expenses, you have two options, you can either pay the actual expenses or a flat rate reimbursement rate so there are NEVER any surprises. With small meetings or conferences (200 participants or less). Bernadette can bring her own LCD projector and wireless microphone to plug into the house system. These offers are made upon request. Bernadette’s clients are steadfast and loyal and love to have her come back time and time again because of her solid reputation, reliability and dedication to her profession. Bernadette is so reliable that once she was scheduled as the speaker for a mountain retreat in Big Bear California for American Eagle Employees. When Bernadette arrived in San Bernardino she found the roads had been closed earlier in the day due to an unexpected snowstorm. Determined and resolute to get to her committed meeting, Bernadette went to the local K-Mart in San Bernardino and had chains put on the rental car tires. After spending the night in San Bernardino, Bernadette got up at 5:00 a.m. in the morning to tackle the mountain road. She arrived in perfect time for her presentation at 8:00 a.m. So when you need excellence guaranteed, count on Bernadette as your consistent, reliable and high quality presenter.

10. Bernadette Has a Proven Track Record
Bernadette’s broad and esteemed client list demonstrate her experience speaking in nearly every industry. Accolades and testimonials, can be found on BernadetteTV.com. We can also provide you with sample letters of recognition made to Bernadette for her speaking engagements, a reference list and anything else you might need to help you make a decision in selecting Bernadette Vadurro for your upcoming event. According a recent participant evaluation, “Bernadette will knock your socks off with every presentation!” This participant had come to 3 prior seminars.