audience-shot-1-webA very motivating and interactive training that all managers and supervisors should be exposed to, regardless of their level in the organization.  Thanks for all the ideas and strategies I’ll take home from this class.’
~ Donna Hummel, Deputy Chief, Office of External Affairs, BLM Santa Fe, NM

‘The training received for the Supervision Level 2 was very valuable. It was interesting, but more importantly, it was fun. Ms Vadurro is very skilled as a presenter and facilitator.  Wonderful!’
~ Katherine Ramirez, Office of the Special Trustee, Kansas

‘Forced me out of my comfort zone many times—which was good for me…a lot of great information that will continue to help me for quite some time.’
~ Cheryl Rolland, Bureau of Reclamation

‘Bernadette used unique techniques to encourage participation. She also explored a new method (audience response system) and implemented it as part of the material review. This is an exemplary practice that I have never before observed in any instructor in all my years of education (42 years). I even attended the fifth day that was actually supposed to be my alternate work schedule day off! I passed on the accolades to the Deputy Manager and Training Coordinator and encouraged them to book Bernadette for more training forums. Great job!’
~Casey Gadbury, Logistics Team Leader, DOE

‘This program is worth the admission fee and the some!
~ Barbara Michael, Attorney

‘I really enjoyed the 40 Hour Supervisor Level II training.  This is one class I learned a lot, especially through the exercises—the verbal and non-verbal communication, body language, etc.  Thank you very much!’
~Frances Price, BIA Navajo Region

‘I learned so much more!  Bernadette keeps you focused and the training is fun!’
~ Belinda Ray, Realty Specialist

Thank you, Bernadette, for one of the very best training classes I have ever attended, both in the NPS and my former career in education!
~ Ed Huston, National Park Service

‘Excellent presentation that kept everyone’s interest. The best training that I have received in these matters. Everything matches with our organization.’
~ Paul G. Sakaguchi, NPS

‘Good participation by everyone made it more interesting and involving.’
~ John Andrews, Principal Larkin Group

‘Very well done, useful, practical information.’
~Bruce Stidworthy, Senior VP

‘Wow!! Good stuff, I liked the small group feedback that gave me great one on one time.’
~ John Padilla, Architect, AIA

‘The case examples illustrated real life situations and were easy to grasp.’
~ Jose M. Rojas-Royo, Bridge Designer

‘Thank you for facilitating one of the best (if not the best) training course I have ever attended …. it really was the most positive day I’ve ever spent in years.’
Rod Wheaton, Department of Interior

‘The course was very interactive! Participant experiences and examples were solicited and valued by Bernadette. She was very approachable and Bernadette made the course extremely interesting.’
~Norma Castaneda, DOE

‘I am leaving with a really good feeling.  I really enjoyed this seminar, the presenter and my fellow participants!’
~Therese Desjardin, Artist

‘Bernadette knows how to ask questions and how to keep us interested.  I liked the way she handled the class, the interactions, the case studies, the team exercises and how she explained things clearly.
~ Linda Queahpama, BIA

‘Her ability to crystallize concepts, connect and captivate a diverse audience was incredible.’
Darlene Lindner, Personnel Mgr., Housing Authority of Pittsburgh

‘The highlights of this program included the real world scenarios and case studies. Bernadette has extensive supervisory experience.’
~Frank Moussa, Ph.D. Department of Energy, WIPP

‘The training was packed with practical tips!’
~Deborah Gaynor, Investment Broker

‘This training was extremely interesting and informative.  This will help me in my leadership role and it gives me an advantage! Bernadette is such an incredible presenter and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with her.
~ Trudy Bobelu, Office of the Special Trustee, Albuquerque

‘Excellent program!’
~Mary Ann Orzech, MD, MBA

‘Not only was Bernadette’s program well received, but she was able to generate enthusiasm and commitment towards necessary improved changes in our business …’
Cindy Valdo, Indian Health Services

‘Excellent!! She took time to learn enough about our company to talk the talk and walk the walk.’
– Jane Siebert Dillion Stores

‘Bernadette was dynamic, charismatic, and covered a broad range of professional strategies. Outstanding!!’
Gerry Garrett Central Intelligence Agency

‘A very worthwhile day for my staff. I could just see attitudes improving by the hour and creativity soar.
Jody G. Hooper, Director, Bldg. Service Division, State of New Mexico

“Bernadette’s presentation truly raised the bar of customer service excellence … Her innovative and creative ideas helped us to think outside the box..”
Madeline Vogt, V.P Bank of Santa Fe

“…Bernadette was rated 9.24 in content rating and 9.75 in trainer rating (out of a 10) and had a 0%refund rate, She was the highest ranking trainer (out of 200) on this topic! …She consistently delivers value and integrity!! 
Letter of commendation 9/25/98- Christie Ward Senior Mgr., Career Track

“It was upbeat challenging, and interesting.”
Janet Denison, Polk County Social Services

“Your leadership and energy have catalyzed us into some action that otherwise might not have been taken.”
Barbara Conroy, Business Leader

“Very beneficial, I enjoyed the seminar very much. Bernadette did an excellent job of presenting material.”
~ Rich Larson, District Sales Mgr., Pioneer Hibred Int’l Inc.

“Positive experience, full of helpful anecdotes to increase understanding.”
~ Cheryl Wiechern, U.S. Customs

“Bernadette’s creative thinking in creating/forming inconstant groups and teams throughout the training days enhanced team participation.  Bernadette is on track, easy going and made it very easy for everyone to feel welcome & participate.”
~ Janet Anderson, NPS

‘Ms. Vadurro did an outstanding job teaching the DOE Level II Supervisory class. Her class is informative, challenging and fun. This is one of the best training classes I’ve attended in a long time.’
~Hung Cheng Chiou, Ph.D.  Department of Energy, WIPP

‘All the participants comments were excellent. You truly did knock off their socks.
~ Kathy Kilby, Department of Labor

‘She taught me a huge amount in a short period of time, and gave me confidence and tools. What more can we ask of a speaker?’
~ Participant, Northwest Farm Credit Services

‘….gave me techniques to use to improve my communication and interpersonal skills, Great presentation, wish it was longer.’
~ Don Ciccone U.S. Fish & Wildlife

‘Very motivational speaker!!’
~ Participant, Shurz Service Unit

“I was touched by your personal stories and comments. It is refreshing and encouraging to see someone in today’s business world still maintain their desire to spread information on self-worth and self improvement… this was an uplifting experience!!”
~ Rene Worley, Sewanee, The University of the South.

“The skills and knowledge you shared with our staff has provided a foundation for improving the leadership and management skills throughout CYFD. The feedback that we have received has been overwhelmingly positive.”
~ Heather Wilson, Former Secretary, Children, Youth and Families Department

‘A space was provided that was welcoming and stimulating for developing speaking skills.’
~Jim Markwiese, Ph.D.

‘The presentation was very enlightening and fun. Bernadette was GREAT!’
~ Carla Romero, Santa Fe Natural

‘The training was excellent and greatly appreciated.  Thank YOU Bernadette!’
~Michelle Baca, Professional Speaker and Consultant

‘Allowed me to understand myself again.  It was awesome!’
~ J.J. Gallegos, Engineer, BLM, Albuquerque

‘We have received very favorable comments from all the participants, such as ‘energetic, fun, well-structured, informative, captivating participant’s attention, helps increase employee moral and satisfaction’. Thank you!’
~ Judith Cordova, Superintendent, National Park Service

‘As you can see from the evaluation sheets, it was a real hit! Thank you very much for a job well done.’
~ Isabelle D. Arman, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

‘The Presentation Skills Seminar by Bernadette Vadurro offers you great materials and a roadmap/plan for implementation.
~Jackie Butler, Owner Art Gaze

‘Your sessions were high energy and very stimulating! I’ve heard nothing but great things!’
~ Cheryl Simpson, U.S. Fish and Wildlife

‘Your audiences loved you and your presentation received top scores. You are a delight and a great pro! It was a pleasure to work with you.
~ Jenna Lee, National Society of Hispanic MBA’S

“Bernadette, I want to THANK YOU for the fabulous session. It was TERRIFIC and you did mah-velous! Exactly what we needed!”
~ Cheryl Thompson, Staff Development Coordinator

“…thank you once again for bringing our team together and helping them understand our mission. Andy and I are looking forward to working with you in the future.”
~ Jen and Andy Scott, General Managers and Owners Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort.

“…lots of great information delivered with passion and motivation. I now have better ways to deal with my customers… I loved it!”
~ Rozanna M. Archuleta, Sales Consultant M.A.C.

“Bernadette is an incredible presenter, very credible, sincere and comforting. Thank you…” “Bernadette is a very charismatic presenter and has great insights and stories!” “Bernadette was excellent – lots of energy and very engaging!” “Extremely personable.” “Lots of energy and commitment”
~ Participant Comments, Northwest Management Development Program