Using the Internet to Gain Market Share!

If you are not using green technology, social media and the internet to aggressively market YOUR goods and services then you are missing great opportunities!  Many businesses believe that social media and internet marketing is a waste of time! My response is that–if you aren’t engaging your customers and potential customers online then your competitors certainly will.

Here are five important tips for gaining market share:

1. Have a Solid Internet/Social Media Marketing Strategy.
It’s not enough to have a stagnant website. In today’s competitive market you must DRIVE customers to your website using a variety of tools and strategies. Are you using an online newsletter, YouTube videos or blog as a component of your marketing strategy?

2. Social Media Marketing is a Must.

Which are the best social media sites for your business to be actively engaged in? Is it Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo, LinkedIn, YouTube, Digg?  Here are two interesting articles, The Ultimate List and 50 Social Sites that Every Business Needs… that suggest networks for your consideration.  Determine how many of these social media sites are a good fit for you and your business. Remember the goal is to find solid customers.

3. Listen.
Just as in any face to face networking opportunity, it is always best to listen first, ask questions and then offer suggestions or solutions.  Find out what are people talking about in these social media sites?  Listen to determine what your potential customers need and want.  Be sure to respond promptly when they ask questions.

4. Give Freely.
If you wish to be considered the Subject Matter Expert (SME)  in your field, then you must freely give. You can provide tips, techniques, strategies, and useful, timely information.  A good rule of thumb is 70/20/10. This means that 70% of your posts or tweets are devoted to sharing relevant information, 20% are dedicated to sharing someone else’s  information ( re-tweeting) and 10% are made up self-promotion. Posting regular updates builds credibility and trust.

5. Build Relationships.
Think about developing strong, long-lasting loyal relationships with your potent online friends. Having thousands of followers or fans doesn’t mean much if they aren’t true buyers. It is better to cultivate twelve loyal customers than it is to have a thousand followers who never purchase from you.

Bernadette T. Vadurro, President Speakers Live, Inc. Designs and Delivers Motivational Keynote Presentations and Seminars on Doing Business in the Virtual World